SportWare Solution


Managing games that constitute of teams, players, referees and evaluators might be a challenge, SportWare is an engine that is built to support automatic and manual scheduling for leagues and send approved schedules to concerned ones via SMS and emails. SportWare generates different type of reports and allow referees to set their status in case of absence, international assignments, etc. Evaluators can evaluate referees online after matches in a set period of time.

High-level Features:

  • High usability to ease and speedup the data entry process.
  • Ability to customize SportWare based on your needs (e.g. generated emails, SMS notifications, customized reporting, etc).
  • Ability to customize all fields depending on the needs.
  • Different level of users.
  • Ability to integrate SportWare with Monetary Agency and Payment Gateways.

Technical Glance:

Being implemented on reliable state-of-art technologies with Microsoft .NET and SQL Server Database as the backend solution, makes SportWare easy to be deployed on most IT infrastructures. It was architected to make solution customization an easy and fast experience for organizations to attend their needs promptly.

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