Middleware Solution to integrate billing systems for Service provider (Biller) with SADAD Payment System on both real-time and batch modes. SADADWare is shipped with a light weight billing system BillingWare in order to ensure proper validation and processing by SADAD Payment System along with providing ad-hoc features (such as bill creation in case of Biller billing system downtime). The solution covers SADAD services including bills creation, payment notification and reconciliation.

High-level Features:

  • Ability to customize the solution based on Biller needs (e.g. generated emails, SMS notifications, customized reporting, etc).
  • Cover all aspects of bill/payment upload, payment notifications and reconciliation.
  • Out of the box services, including system processing thoughts (SLA) and health.
  • The solution is shipped with a Portal for administration purposes as well as services for the business users to view bills, payment status and financial reports.
  • Ability to upgrade BillingWare to cater other requirements, such as line item invoices.

Technical Glance:

Being implemented on reliable state-of-art technologies with Microsoft .NET and SQL Server Database as the backend solution, makes SADADWare easy to be deployed on most IT infrastructures. It was architected to make solution customization an easy and fast experience for organizations to attend their needs promptly.

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